Friday, November 14, 2008

Kevin 1989 - Battant

Why haven't Battant become huge yet? One of the most interesting and entertaining bands I have ever seen on stage; yet no one I know ever knows of them.

If there is any justice in music they will make it big.

Coelacanth is Android – Polysics

I love Polysics.

Patchy but so stupendously mental that when they are at their best they are truly magnificent. Crazy in the way that only Japanese bands seem to manage.

This song is one of my favourite examples of what they do well, just bought their new album so expect a blip on some of those soon. This track just sparkles with eccentricity, its like the beloved ex-pat cousin of Rock Lobster period B-52's.

Just a Boy

You know what this world needs. More dull ballad rnb tracks about how lame guys are. Doesn't the male gender just suck.

Or it could be a predictable 'teary girl' song from the ever lacklustre Beyonce Knowles. At least we know Jay Z isn't with her for the music.

There are better rnb songs. There are better player hater songs. There are better break up songs. There are better songs about swapping genders. Really, this is just truly contrived and awful.

But if you must: Beyonce - Just a Boy

Welcome to the Daily Blip

I am Rob. I love music. Music is possibly the best thing ever invented, yet often the most infuriating.

Every day (roughly!) I will be posting a blip link to tracks that I love or hate, and letting you know which side of the fence each track falls on.